If the joy you used to share with your horse has given way to strain or stress, you’re not alone.  Fear and even dread can surface for many riders---but I’ll help you and your horse reconnect, strengthen your bond and stay in alignment.

I can come to you, or we can work at the beautiful Monkey Tail Ranch in Hollister.  As you interact with your horse, we uncover the issue using bodywork, horsemanship techniques, dressage concepts and riding instruction. Solutions combine these practices, tailor-blended to your needs, fostering relaxation.

Sessions are 60 to 90 minutes and with the skills you learn you will continue the healing on your own indefinitely.

PLEASE NOTE: Sessions do not include or constitute medical or veterinary advice. No medications or medical treatments are recommended or prescribed. Please contact your doctor, veterinarian or other certified medical practitioner if seeking medical advice for yourself or your horse.